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Sahar Saffron

Dear Friend,

When you buy our saffron you are absolutely guaranteed of the following:

  • 100% pure saffron threads
  • Your saffron will be from the most recent crop (fresh saffron)
  • Premium quality saffron
  • You will love our saffron or we will refund 100% of what you paid --- no questions asked!


Buy Fresh Saffron

Below is the specification of our new 2016 saffron crop. This batch of saffron is truly organic without the organic certificate. It is time-consuming and costly for a majority of saffron farmers to obtain an organic certificate. They gain more by selling their organic saffron as conventional saffron.​

  • Produced in Mashhad, Iran 
  • Brand name: Negin (the most expensive brand of Persian saffron)
  • Crop year: Oct. 2016 (the latest crop)
  • Fresh saffron
  • Quality Rate: 2.7 (means the quality of this saffron is 2.7 times better than grade 1saffron)
  • Coloring strength: 261
  • Threads are thin and have maroon red color
  • Average threads length is about 3/4 of an inch
  • Low moisture content (threads are fragile) which can be translated into:
    • longer shelf life
    • easier to grind
    • economically sound investment for the saffron buyer as you get more saffron.
  • 100% natural threads with no additives of any kind
  • HACCP certified

All Items shown below have the same quality and specification as outlined above. Each item's saffron is generously measured, thoroughly inspected and carefully packaged by hand.


Saffron -1/16 oz
9.50 USD

1/16 oz (1.8 grams) of Persian saffron threads in plastic jar

Saffron -1/8 oz
17.80 USD

1/8 oz (3.6 grams) Persian saffron threads in airtight plastic jar

Saffron -1/4 oz
33.95 USD

1/4 oz (7.1 grams) Persian saffron threads in airtight glass jar

Saffron -1/2 oz
66.50 USD

1/2 oz (14.2 grams) Persian saffron threads in tin container

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